Chief Minister

Sri A.Revanth Reddy
Hon'ble Chief Minister

Hon'ble Minister

Sri N.Uttam Kumar Reddy
Hon’ble Irrigation and CAD Minister

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Telangana region has a rich heritage of cultivation and irrigation dating back to several centuries. In the past, rulers paid a good deal of attention to the development of irrigation in their kingdoms for the benefit of their subjects. Big lakes like Ramappa, Pakhal, Laknavaram and many other irrigation works of Kakatiya period have become names to remember.

The Mir Alam Tank is the finest example for arched dams. Hussain Sagar, Ghanapur Anicut across the Manjira with two canals called Fathenahar and Mahaboobnahar Projects, Pocharam lake, Osmansagar, Himayatsagar, Nizamsagar Project, Mannair Project, Dindi Project, Palair Project, Wyra Project and Sarlasagar Projects are some of the magnificent contributions of the eminent Engineers of Hyderabad State under Nawab Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur during the Nizam's kingdom in the Telangana Region.

Projects are classified as under, based on the extent of irrigated ayacut ( commandable area) under them.

Major Project : Ayacut above 25000 Acres (10,000 ha.)
Medium Project : Ayacut above 5000 Acres (2000 ha) & upto 25000 Acres ( 10000 ha.)
Minor Project : Ayacut upto 5000 Acres (2000 ha)